Year 1 – Our Learning This half-term

Year 1 – Our half term!

We have had a very busy half term! From exploring 2D and 3D shapes in Maths, to balancing and creating routines in PE, and listening and appraising reggae songs in Music! 

In Science this half term we have been learning about animals; learning lots of new vocabulary including carnivore, omnivore and herbivore and the five animal classifications.

In Computing we have been creating our own Christmas artwork using Paintz, exploring the different tools to create shape, images and text and on the 1st December our class elves arrived in Beech and Hazel with a letter – he asked us to find out everything we needed to know to write back to him! So, in Reading into Writing we explored the journey of a letter, finding features, piecing together the layout, and reading the letters from our class elf, before finally writing our own letter.

It has been a very exciting half term, filled with lots of learning and fun!