Work Well Together

This promise is about working well together as a team. During the school day we need to be able to work well in the classroom, outside on the playground and also outside of school. There are times in the classroom when we have to work in groups and this means we need to listen to each other, take turns and allow each person to have their voices heard. We need many skills to follow this promise and we have picked a few of our characteristics that we think are the most important ones to show in order to follow this promise fully.


As a team, we had to work together to recreate the image shown. We had to listen to each other and use the rule ‘one voice at a time.’

“I really enjoyed this challenge. It made me see that communication is really important when working as a team. Staying calm is very important too. If someone makes a mistake you can help them learn from it by kindly explaining what went wrong, then move forward together. That way you all learn something.” 

“Once we looked at the picture we talked about the role we would play. We needed somebody to take the photograph and at first they took the picture from above. Once we looked at it, we realised we needed the picture to be taken from underneath. I felt really proud of us for working that out. We wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t worked together!”


Unscramble the words to make the five Boundary promises! You will have to work as a team in order to complete this task!

“I really enjoyed this challenge! It tested us on our promise knowledge and together we did it! We all tried our very best and we completed the task in under 4 minutes! We then got to choose a promise and act it out to the rest of the group! We had a great time and it really helped me understand the promises more.”