Wednesday 8th July

for your writing activity today draw a picture of your favourite sea creature.  It could be a fish, shark, octopus, squid, crab or even a lobster.  Label your picture  and write some sentences to describe it e.g. My fish is orange and white.  It is a clown fish.

Follow the links below to access your daily phonics session.

In maths today use your number card to order your numbers correctly from 1-20.  If you can go further make your own number cards and see how far you can go.  Pick a number a find one more or one less than that number.  Then pick two single digit cards and find the total by adding them together.  You can use objects from around the house to help you.  Can you record your work as a calculation? e.g. 6 + 8 = 14.  Take a picture of your work and send it to your class teacher.