Wednesday 8th April Home Activities

Good Morning Year 2 – Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Please read the attached PDF carefully which provides full details on all of today’s activities. A brief description has been provided below. Remember you all have the necessary log in details required. They are inside the front cover of your home learning books.

Morning Home Learning Activities

Morning Maths – Watch step 10 ‘Equivalent Fractions’ video on the White Rose website (Click Here). Then complete the directed task called ‘Wednesday 8th April Fractions Lesson 10- Equivalent Fractions’ on seesaw in your Maths Home Learning Book.

English Writing – Following on from yesterday’s task, you are going to design and create a Superhero hideout for your magnificent Superhero. Watch this video (Click Here) which looks at a range of different superhero hideouts to give you some ideas.

Firstly, you are going to design your hideout by drawing a plan in your book of what it will look like. Use the WAGOLL on Seesaw for ideas.

Next you’re going to make your Superhero hideout by using old rubbish and recycled waste from what you can find from around your house. Remember to ask your parents to make sure it’s ok for you to use.

Then finally in your book, write a brief description of your Superhero hideout. Explain and talk about all the key/secret features you’ve included.

Click on the assigned task ‘Wednesday 8th April Superhero Hideout’ on Seesaw for WAGOLLS and supportive questions.

Guided Reading – Please login into Seesaw and click the activity called ‘Wednesday 8th April- Guided Reading’  then record your written task in your home learning book.

Afternoon Activities

Mental Maths – Go on hit the button and practise your 3,4,10 ‘Division answer questions’ for 15 minutes.  Challenges yourself with all the different activities. This task has been set up on seesaw called ‘Mental Maths (Hit the Button) this will help log your scores.

Chosen 1 afternoon activity – Choose your own activity from the list provided in your Home Learning pack. Don’t forget to take a picture of what you did and upload it on Seesaw for us to see.