Wednesday 1st April

Log into Oxford Owl and read the ebook ‘Big Bad Bug’.  When you have read it to an adult go on a bug hunt in your garden.  What bugs did you find?  Can you draw and label them in you work book?  Maybe you could write a sentence about the bugs find e.g. In the garden I can see…….  It is big and black.

Watch the Number Blocks doubles video and sing the doubling song using the links below.

You can use these links to play some games on you tablet or i-pad

Maybe you could write your doubles number sentences in your work book.  Remember to form your numbers correctly.

Watch the video and talk to a grown up about different ways you can keep healthy. Draw some pictures in you work book and write a sentence. Think about the importance of a healthy diet, keeping clean and brushing our teeth, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep.   Take some photographs of you and your family keeping yourselves healthy.