Wednesday 17th June

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

In maths today we are going to be making different patterns.  Follow the link to complete the pattern activities on an ipad or laptop.

Make your own pattern using different 2D shapes e.g. square, circle, circle, square, circle, circle.  Draw them out in your home learning book.  Get creative and see if you can make patterns with different objects around your house or garden e.g daisy, leaf, daisy, leaf or green lego, yellow lego, green lego, yellow lego.  Take a picture of the different patterns and send them to your teacher.


Listen to the story Cinderella using the you tube link below. 

Talk to an adult about the story.  Why was Cinderella sad when she could go to the ball? How did she feel when the fairy godmother turn her rags to a beautiful dress?  How did the Prince find out the it was Cinderella at the ball?

Draw a picture of Cinderella or the prince.  Think of some different adjectives to describe them e.g. handsome, beautiful, elegant, king, caring.  Write 2 or 3 simple sentences to describe your picture e.g. Cinderella has long blonde hair and wears a beautiful dress.