Thursday 14th May

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Let’s make a picnic! Have a look and see if you have any food the hungry caterpillar ate? Do you have an apple, some strawberries or a piece of cheese? Is there anything the hungry caterpillar ate that you haven’t tried before, like a pickle? Think about what you will need and how many people are going to come? How many plates or napkins will you take? How will you share your food? Will you share it equally? Will someone have more sandwiches? Will someone have fewer sandwiches? If you need to halve your food, how many equal pieces will you need? Cut a sandwich or cake  in ‘half’. How many pieces have you got? If the weather isn’t very nice you can always have your picnic in the house!

Write a list of everything you need for your picnic. Draw a picture of your picnic or find photos in a magazine and cut them out to make your picture.

Phonics activity today. 

Mrs McAllister’s group. Play the free game on the Phonics Play website Phase 1 Welcome To The Zoo. 

Mrs Casey’s and Miss Valiant’s group. Play the free game on Phonics Play website Phase 2 Picnic on Pluto. Play the game using any of the letter sounds in phase 2.

Mrs Clarke’s group and Mrs Farley’s group. Play the free game on the Phonics Play website Phase 3 Picnic on PlutoPlay the game using phase 3 sounds ‘ch’, ‘sh’ ‘th’ ‘ng’.

Stay fit today by clicking on this link.

Day 4 -Ping Pong –