Tuesday 5th May

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Look onto Oxford Owl and read the red book banded book ‘Top Dog’.  Remember to carefully sound about any unknown words.  Talk to an adult about the story.  Which was your favourite dog? Why did you like them best?

Practice reading and writing your phase 2 and phase 3 tricky words.  Remember to use your very best handwriting.

For today’s writing I want you t draw your very own pirate ship. Think about all the different parts of the ship.  Does it have a flag?  What can you see up on the deck?  How many sails does it have? Where is the wheel?  When you have drawn your ship have a go at labeling it using words like; ship, cannons, wheel, flag, sail.  If you want a challenge you could write some sentences to tell me about your pirate ship e.g. The ship is big and has a black flag.

Today in math’s we are going to be doing some subtracting using pirate treasure.  First see if a grown up will help you find 20 coins or if your don’t have an coins you could make your own out of paper.  Once your coins are ready, pick a number card and subtract that number from 20 e.g. 20 – 9 =.  Remember you could use your number line to help you count back or physically take your coins away..  If that is too tricky you could start with 10 coins rather than 20.  Record your number sentences in your work book.

Now it’s try to get creative.  An essential part of pirate kit is a telescope.  In your home learning work book design your own telescope.  Think about what different things from the house you could use to make it e.g. toilet/ kitchen roll tubes.  If you don’t have a tube you could use a piece f paper or card and roll it up to make a tube.  How could your decorate it? Could you put a pattern on?  Think about what shapes you can see on your telescope?  When you have done your design get busy creating your telescope.  When you have finish sent us some photos so we can see what you have been up to.