Thursday 9th April

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Seesaw – Your first activity this morning is something that you might not know about. You are going to be learning all about the different parts of a plant and the jobs that each of the parts does to keep the plant alive. You need to watch the video carefully and make some notes to help you. You will then need to complete the plant picture and correctly label the different parts of the plant. Your second activity is to design a house for your favourite book character.  Think about your character carefully. What do they like? Are they really big or small? Do they enjoy being near water or in a forest? Think about all of these things when designing your house. Your final activity is to write about all the ways that you already care about the earth and ways in which you can do this in the future. Think about things we have looked at during our Eco lessons at school. 

Spelling Shed – Please spend at least 30 minutes on each of your activities and try to get your score as high as possible!

French – For your afternoon activity, we would like you to design a French poster, including all of the things we have looked at in our French lessons. Remember, we have looked at French words for animals, fruits and the numbers to 20. Make it as colourful as you can. You can do this on some paper or on a computer! You can use your Language Angels log in to help you.

Have a lovely Easter weekend, stay safe, read lots and wash your hands!