Thursday 23rd April

Use your number cards to add to single digit numbers e.g. 7 + 5.  It is important that we count on from the biggest number to find the answer.  For example, if you are adding 7 and 5 start from 7.  We don’t need to count out 7 object because we know we already have that many.  Then count on 5 more.  Put the number 7 in your head and count 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.  The answer is 12.  Can you record your calculations in your work book? Don’t forget to form for number correctly.  If you want a challenge maybe you could add a two digit and a single digit number e.g. 11+8 =

This game might help you if you are finding it tricky–math0



Listen to the tricky word song.  Practice writing your tricky words correctly.  Maybe get an adult to test you and see if you can spell them correctly.  Can you write a sentence using the words e.g. The man had an vanilla ice-cream.

Don’t forget to pick an activity from afternoon activity grid and sent us some pictures of the things you have been doing. or