The Wonderful Outdoors!

We took part in our second Forest School session this week, and it was possibly even more enjoyable than our first! Although this time it wasn’t raining, the ground was still wet and muddy with the previous days rain! We joined with Reception in the woodland area for both our morning and afternoon sessions. This week we started the session by using ‘Fire Steels’ to try and make ‘sparkles!’ This took great deal of motor skill development and perseverance! We each had a turn to try and make ‘sparkles,’ some of us independently, some of us with a little help! Our Forest School teacher then showed us how to use the tools we had to make sparks to set some cotton wool on fire. We talked about how we need to keep safe around fire. Once the fire was lit in the fire pit, we then each had a turn at cooking a marshmallow! Again, with help from the adults, each of us had the opportunity to poke a marshmallow onto a wooden stick, then move over to the fire to toast it! We then blew on the marshmallow 10 times, to ensure it was cool enough to eat, before we enjoyed them! We then read a story together, about different animals bottoms! Exploring the woodland area, we then matched poems and pictures to the different animals they could belong to. We all enjoyed another successful Forest School session!