The One With @SaferInternetDay #FreeToBe

Today is Safer Internet Day, where we look at the importance of staying safe online. We recapped what we already know on how to keep safe online:

  • Don’t share personal information
  • Report cyber bulling by using the CEOP  button and telling a trusted adult
  • Ask for permission when uploading a picture or video of someone
  • Use a safe password with characters, numbers and symbols
  • Only use websites that are appropriate for your age
  • Be an upstander and do the right thing online
  • Don’t trust everything you read online

In class we then looked at different messaging apps and the age you should be to use them. We also discussed what it would feel like if someone excluded you on a messaging app and how to deal with that. All of the children could explain the importance of staying safe and what they need to do in order to do this : Report (CEOP button), Record and Reach Out (speak to a trusted adult).