The Mayans – What An Advanced Civilisation

During our History Topic – The Mayans – we have started to look at what made them such an established civilisation. Today, we had to go on a treasure hunt around the playground where we looked at several clues, that helped us gain a better understanding to what made them so amazing. 

We learnt:

  • They built temples, tools and weapons.
  • They were the first ever people to cultivate cocoa beans and added chilli to their chocolate. 
  • They looked at the stars to help them understand days, months and years. 
  • They came up with their own symbols, which were used for sounds and words. 
  • They also came up with their own number system that helped with trading, selling and counting the score of a ball game. 
  • They even invented the ball, which they made from the tree – rubber.

We can’t wait to learn more about The Mighty Mayans.