The Journey of a Letter

Today we came into school to find out our Christmas elf had returned! Not only was he back, but he had also brought something with him…a letter! We discussed why we might receive a letter, or why we might send one, and what information may be included in a letter.

We then compared the features of three different text types, beginning to discuss how we knew which ones were letters, and which weren’t. We have done lots of work on invitations and lists over the past couple of weeks, and so we compared the features of these two text types to those included in a letter, beginning to discuss similarities and difference. We found out a letter is always set out in a particular way, and we write a letter when we want to send a message to someone.

We used our phonics skills to segment and blend the information in the letter, and found out we had received a letter from Goldilocks as well as our class Elf!

We then moved on to identifying the features of a letter in greater depth, highlighting the address, date, who the letter is for and who the letter is from.

We will continue to look and read lots of different types of letters and are very excited to eventually write a letter to the Elf that he can take back to Santa!