Superheroes Unite!

Welcome to our ‘Superhero Headquarters!’ Nursery has been transformed into superhero world this week! Our writing area has become a top secret den, where we could leave secret messages with our spy writing pens! We could keep these secret from our enemies as only Nursery children have the tools to be able to read the top secret messages! Our home corner turned into an enemies lair, with laser beams across the walls, hiding the precious treasure, ‘The Boundary Diamond.’ We had a top secret mission to rescue the diamond by manoeuvring between the lasers, being very very careful not to touch them and set off the alarm! We have also been exploring materials this week, by investigating which material would make the best cape for our superhero, and then using this knowledge to design and make our own cape and cuffs! We put each material through a test to see which was strong enough to be fit for a superhero! In our Maths are we have explored Numicon city, using different pieces to match tower outlines, and exploring the matching superhero numbers! Some of us have even been matching numeral to quantity using our superhero character numbers, and our special treasure gems!