Stick Man’s Journey

Our story for the week has been the ‘Stick Man.’ We read the story together and learnt all about the ‘Stick Mans’ journey to return to his home. We went for a walk around the school gardens to search for the perfect sticks to make our own ‘Stickmen.’ We found lots of different natural materials in the garden, including lots of different sizes of sticks! We took them back into Nursery, where we looked sorted them into length order, talking about the longest and shortest sticks. We have made ‘Stick Men’ at our Play Dough table, using the different tools and resources available to create individual features on our men. At our Maths table we have been practising creating squares, triangles, and rectangles using sticks, and in our water tray we have been looking at floating and sinking! We also created our very own ‘Stick Man’ sun catchers, have a look at them next time you come into Nursery! Hopefully the sun will be shining through them!