Shades of Autumn

This week we have been exploring the effects of Autumn! We discussed what we already know about Autumn, for example ‘it is a season,’ ‘it happens before winter,’ and ‘trees loose their leaves.’ We also talked certain celebrations that happen in Autumn and what animals, bird and mini beasts do to prepare themselves for the Autumn season.

We then focussed on the colour of Autumn leaves, and how this colour changes. We explored mixing colours, changing the tone and identifying colours important to the Autumn season. Firstly learning about the primary and secondary colour wheels, we then practised using varying sizes of brush to develop our ability to paint using clear strokes and brush control. 

We mixed our own paint to create different shades of Autumn colours. Starting with a base colour of brown/yellow/orange paint, we added small amounts of white paint, to create lighter shades of the same colour. We then focussed on making darker shades of the same colour. Again, starting with our base colour, we added small amounts of black paint, to create darker shades of our chosen colour. We observed what happened each time we added the amounts of white/black paint and made comments/observations about this.