School Council Elections 2020/21

Boundary Primary School Council Elections 2020


Following a whole school assembly via Google Meet Video Conferencing, the School Council Elections 2020 officially began. Any child who wished to run for Class Councilor had the opportunity to write their manifesto (children in every class wrote their own manifesto- we were inundated with applications from children who wished to run for this important role in school!). When the children had decided on their ‘key policies’ and had set out what made them a perfect candidate, they presented their manifesto to the class.

After this process, which took determination, perseverance and a lot of bravery to stand up in front of their classmates, the school took to the polls. The votes were counted and verified and the results announced during another special virtual assembly.

We are very proud of all our children who worked hard to write their manifesto, to listen patiently to their peers as they presented their ideas and then took part in a democratic and fair election process.

Mrs. Farley

British Values Lead