Safer Internet Day #Freetobe

As part of our Safer Internet Day Year 2 joined the #Freetobe campaign, we discussed some very important questions such as; how we could be free to ourselves, free to play, free to be kind, free to be safe and free to talk. Children worked in groups and came up with different examples of what this would look like online. Next we looked at the positives and negatives associated with each of these questions and how we could overcome and protect ourselves from the dangers of the internet whilst also celebrating the benefits. Children were then given a secret mission to create their own super robot which would help support keeping the internet a fun and safe place to be. They programmed all the essential characteristics and then created lines of coding explaining their very important job roles. So watch out, there could be a robot on the loose online but don’t worry our Year 2 children have been giving them lots of important jobs to keep everybody safe.