Physical Education

‘Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong’ – J.F Kennedy


At Boundary, the intent of our PE curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the development of every child’s ability and achievement in the area of PE. This will enable them to know more about physical activity and keeping healthy.

For a detailed understanding of the Intent, Implementation and Impact of the teaching of Physical Education at Boundary, please click the boxes below.

School Games Award

This year Boundary gained the Silver School Games Award. To achieve this award  Boundary had to offer 2 hours of PE consistently to all pupils. We engaged over 90% of our children in Extra Curricular Activities. Boundary also ran initiatives to engage those pupils who were least active. We engaged these pupils through healthy eating clubs for children and their parents, Change 4 Life Clubs and offering clubs, which provide new and different sports. We had to participate in a range of inter-school competitions and deliver inter-house competitions within school.

  • Improve children’s memory and ability to make links between the Threshold Concepts and other curriculum areas.
  • Children have a confident knowledge of how to lead a healthy lifestyle. They know how and why it is important to make healthy choices.
  • By Year 6 children will have an extensive PE vocabulary.
  • PE lessons are progressive and build upon prior learning.
  • All children will attend an extracurricular club.
  • All children can swim 25m by the end of year 6
  • Repetition of key and fundamental skills when revisiting each Threshold concept of PE. Ensuring links are made to previous years learning and key vocabulary.
  • Opportunities for cross curricular links to healthy living through other subjects such as Science, DT and PSHE. Outside agencies such as Fit 2 Go, Bikeability and Lancashire Cricket to provide activities and workshops linking to healthy lifestyles and fitness.
  • All staff are using accurate subject vocabulary, which is progressive.
  • Use of a scheme of work, which provides staff with a bases of lessons. These are progressive, have key vocabulary and other key areas provided within the planning. This is to be adapted to suit their pupils needs and progression.
  • To provide a broad range of extracurricular clubs, which link to awards such as Arts Mark, the School Games Award. and Children’s University.
  • To ensure children attend swimming regularly in Year 4
  • Children have a better long-term memory. Children remember their learning from previous units throughout the year, and previous topics throughout the key stage. They can make links between each threshold concept.
  • Children show an understanding of the health and fitness side of PE. For example, why the body has to warm up/ cool down. Why the blood pumps and heart beats faster. Knowing which muscles are used when performing certain exercises.
  • Children’s PE vocabulary is improved across the Key Stage and is extensive by the end of Year 6.
  • Children learn and progress successfully as a result of a coherent sequence of lessons that builds towards a goal.
  • Every child is to attend an extracurricular club.
  • Children are able to swim 25m by the end of year 6.

Intent, Impact and Implementation in Full


Starting from Foundation Stage children are provided with opportunities to explore and develop their fundamental skills. The focus of our PE curriculum in EYFS and KS1 is the continuous development of the 7 key fundamental skills. This is taught through skill based activities and small competitive game situations.

Once in KS2 children will learn PE through the 5 Key areas:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Athletics
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities.


These are planned and taught with the support of the Lancashire PE scheme of work. Every Pupil in our school takes part in 2 hours (2 Lessons) of PE a week, which is in line with the National Curriculum guideline.

Opportunities within PE:

During a child’s time at Boundary, they will experience a range of educational visits and visitors to further develop their PE knowledge, skills and understanding.  For example children will get to take part in projects such as Balance bikes project in EYFS, Fit 2 Go in Year 4 and Bikeability in Year 6.


In the Spring Term, Year 4 benefit from the expertise of a Blackpool Fit 2 Go, an initiative managed by Blackpool Football Club.  This is always a huge success in terms of the children’s enjoyment as well as their increased knowledge and skill. The sessions will be continuing this year with also a trip to Bloomfield Road to take part in the Blackpool Fit 2 Go Festival.


Also in Spring Term Sport Blackpool will be deliver a Balance Bike programme to EYFS which will help encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle.  They have devised a 6 week balance bike programme to encourage additional exercise in a fun and creative way, whilst learning to ride a bike.


All children in Year 4 are taken swimming through the year. They are assessed against the National Curriculum standard using the online Swimphony assessment package.


In Year 6 children will have further opportunities to take part is Outdoor Adventure Activities while on their residential trip.

P.E. Curriculum At a Glance

Sports Premium


Sports Premium Plan 2019/20


Sports Premium Plan 2020/2021

We’re keeping fit!

We’re keeping fit!

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