Owls, Dens and Friends!

We are having so much fun getting to know each other and the children are starting to make friendships and everyones confidence is growing daily. This week we read the story “Owl Babies” and talked about feeling sad when our own Mummy’s go. We discussed how we know that we are safe in Nursery and that our Mummy’s will come back! We made some play dough owls, owl puppets, practised our funky fingers by catching worms with tweezers and practised our counting by putting 3 owls on a tree.

As well as lots of owl fun, we also worked together this week to build dens. The children found some sticks and said they were going to make a camp fire. We talked about when you might use a camp fire and this opened up a lovely discussion about  camping. We gathered together lots of resources and built some lovely dens for camping!

What a busy and fun week!