Online Safety at Home from the CEOP Education Team

While some of our children are learning at home and to support our continual work in school to encourage our children to be safe and happy digital citizens, we wanted to share these resources from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP) team. Their #OnlineSafetyAtHome packs are now available online. These include new activities for:

  • 4-5 year olds
  • 5-7 year olds
  • 8-10 year olds
  • 11-13 year olds
  • 14+ year olds

You will find a selection of the resource packs for week 2 in the section below.

For more information, learning packs from week 1 and more informarion and activities, click here. As always, should you have any concerns or questions, you can contact our school office (01253) 287250.


Resource Pack for 4-5 year olds


Resource Pack for 5-7 year olds


Resource Pack for 8-10 year olds