OAA Team-Building Skills

In our PE session today, we had a great time learning and developing our team-building skills where we had to work on our communication and listening skills. Today’s task was to pair up, sit back-to-back and one of us to draw a picture without our partner seeing. We then had to describe what we had drawn to our partner so they could attempt to draw the same. I know what you’re thinking, ‘You could just tell them what you have drawn!’ But, it wasn’t as simple as that. We could only describe it in shapes, sizes and position. After that, we teamed up in groups of 4 where 2 people held a mat between two others. The ones on each side of the mat, had to choose a person between them to strike a pose. The two holding the mat, had to describe to the other how the person was positioned. Once they were in position (and it was a mirror of the other person) the mat was removed to reveal them. Were they the same? Did they communicate and listen effectively? On the whole, we did extremely well and we can’t wait to see what our next OAA session has in store for us!