Nursery Home Learning Wednesday 22nd April

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Recap the story of  “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” talk about what is happening to the caterpillar and the changes he goes through. He starts off as an egg, the egg hatches and out comes a caterpillar, then the caterpillar builds a cocoon and then finally a butterfly comes out of the cocoon! This is the life cycle of a butterfly!

Watch the video showing the life cycle of a butterfly Talk about what you can see, can you remember when the changes happened to the Very Hungry Caterpillar? Who lays the eggs? How does the caterpillar get bigger?

Now, can you draw or make your own life cycle of a butterfly? Have a look below for some ideas.

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