Nursery Home Learning Friday 1st May

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Happy Friday everyone. Well done on another successful week of learning from home!

Todays home learning is all about Baby Bear! Baby Bear loves to sleep in bed with his favourite teddy bear. Do you have a favourite teddy? Draw or paint a picture of your favourite teddy. What colour is your bear? Work with your grown ups to label the picture of your teddy. Can you tell your grown ups the different parts of your bear? Where are the eyes, nose, mouth? Look at this picture to give you some ideas! Your grown ups can then write the words for you on small bits of paper and you can stick them in the right places!

It’s time for a tea party! You could do this outside if the sun is shining, or inside if it’s not! Please encourage the children to do lots of counting! You could help your grown ups to set up the tea party. How many plates do we need? How many spoons do we need? Your teddies could even join in the tea party!

Now it’s time to share out some food items! Give yourself 2 biscuits and give your grown up 1 biscuit, can you describe the amount of biscuits each person has? Please try to encourage children to use the language of more and less to describe the amounts. Try this with another food item. Who has more? Who has less? Can we count the all?

Its Friday, so it’s time to get moving! Follow the link to find todays music! It’s another one of our favourites in Nursery!