No Pen Day!

Today for no pen day we have used physical objects to complete part part whole models, practised our number bonds to ten, ordered a set of instructions for our morning routine, and even completed a little experiment!

Germs and hand washing have been involved with a lot of our work this week and we spent some time today looking at how easily germs can spread around our environment, First we used glitter to represent the germs. We put a small amount onto our hand and moved around the classroom for 30 seconds, touching lots of different things. We couldn’t believe how much glitter there was around the classroom, representing how quickly germs can spread across everything we touch if we do not wash our hands properly. We then took part in the pepper experiment. Each child had a small bowl of water with pepper in. We firstly observed what happened when we put our finger into the bowl, ”all the germs went all over our finger!” We then covered our finger with soap, and put this back into the bowl of ‘germs.’ ”All the pepper moved away from our finger!” We talked about how the pepper represented germs, and what we need to continue to do to keep ourselves safe and healthy.