(No) Danger, High Voltage!

This morning, Year 4 made our way to Aspire Academy; it was a short but wet walk! We were travelling to take part in a science lesson in the Aspire laboratories. After watching a short video that showed Steve Backshall catching crocodiles, we were set the task of testing a range of circuits that would make a bulb glow at its brightest to help locate crocodiles in the dark.

Using a range of circuits that included 1 to 4 batteries in each, we introduced a switch and reading from a Volt meter and an Ammeter, we were to record the changes in readings as we increased the cumber of cells.

We concluded that the more cells within the circuit, the greater the readings on the Volt meter and Ammeter. The difference between 1 and 2 cells within the circuit was not particularly great but between 3 and 4 cells in a circuit the speed at which the electrons passed around the circuit and the brightness of the bulb was much different – taking more power and the bulb glowed so much that it popped! We recorded our findings in a table and discussed the results in our groups and then as a whole class.

We cannot wait to continue working with Aspire and to make our next trip to see them!