New Updates to Children’s University

We would like your child to continue or become a member of the national Children’s University programme, which aims to recognise and celebrate the learning children do outside school hours. Each child who chooses to become a member of the programme will receive a “Passport to learning” and be able to collect hours of learning from a range of school activities and from organisations outside school, which have been validated as providers of high quality, learning experiences.

Activities such as sport, swimming and music lessons, museum and theatre events and after school clubs qualify, as do learning activities at Brownies or Sea Cadets, for example and school will advise the credit to be awarded to each activity. (This does not include Boathouse or Creative Kids after school club).

The Children’s University co-ordinator in school) will keep a record of hours gained and at the end of the year, there will be a graduation event, where the children’s achievements will be recognised and celebrated. The attached flier provides some more details and from this you will see, for example, that to achieve a Gold Award a child needs to have a 100 hours accredited, i.e. and average of 2 hours quality learning each week for a year.

We know many of our parents/carers make a great effort to ensure the children get involved in out of school activities and this programme is also a means to recognising this.

This year all children will be given a passport, which is the parents/carers responsibility to fill in the number of hours they attend each club over the year.

The club leader needs to sign off the hours or they will not count. The Passport will need be handed in with the total hours for the year by Friday 24″ May, 2019.


You must register your child and purchase a passport at a cost of a £1.00 from the registration desk in the school hall on Tuesday 11″ September, 2018 from 2.30pm – 4pm.


If you have any queries, please contact Mrs. Bradley, Engagement Officer:

 01253 478250 /0792 5078156