Monday 27th April

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Today we are going to listen to the story Supertato! Listen carefully to all the different food that is mentioned in the story.

Can you draw a picture of ‘Supertato’ and label him. Now, can you write a list of all the other food that was mentioned in the story? What is your favourite food? Write a sentence about your favourite food. Don’t forget to use your sound mat and hand writing sheet too.

Next, use your maths skills to make a trap for Evil Pea. Remember he is small so what might you have at home to make sure he doesn’t escape? Could you use a box? What 3D shape is your box? What other shapes can you see on your box? Remember we just want to trap him so will he need holes to breathe? How many holes will you make? Can you count them? Do we need to check he is in there? How will we see? Check in your freezer – do you have any peas in there? Are they in a bag? Is the bag full or half full? Don’t forget the names of 3D shapes are: cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone. 

Don’t forget to send photos to us- we will be looking for our ‘Star of the Week’!