Monday 20th April

Welcome back Reception, we hope you have had a lovely Easter break.

Your first task for today is to tell use about your holidays.  The weather was lovely so we hope you were able to spend some time outside in your garden or outside area.  Draw a picture and write one or two sentences to tell us about what you got up to.  Did the Easter bunny visit your house? Maybe your did an egg hunt in your garden.  Did you eat lots of Easter eggs.   Don’t forget to sound out your words and use your sound mat to help you.

Pick a number between 1 and 20. You might want to use your number cards in your learning pack or you could make your own. Can you find one more or one less than your number? Can you record it as a calculation e.g. 13+1= 14 or 13-1=14.  Use these links to play some games on your tablet or computer and

Remember it is really important to keep reading.  Share some story books with a grown up or an older sibling.  Who was your favourite character? What was the best part of the story?