Look who has arrived in Year 1 this week!!!

What an exciting start to December is has been in Year 1. We arrived at school on Monday morning to find a new member of Hazel and Beech Class ….. our class elves! However, these elves have not been making the right choices and they certainly don’t have their always badges. Hazel Elf has been trapping superheroes in bins, climbing up Christmas trees and swinging on Christmas decorations, whilst Beech Elf has been eating Miss James’ smarties and using shaving foam to draw shapes on the floor.  He made such a mess that he slipped and broke his arm!!!

We have been writing about what our elves have got up to each day. When they first arrived they even sent us an email that we had to read. 

I wonder what they are going to get up to tomorrow …. we are very excited to find out!