Lets Get Cooking!

Our Design Technology task this half term was to make something that could be sold at our Easter Disco.

We started our journey by learning about what makes food healthy or unhealthy. We then thought about what we could sell at a disco. “You would need something which you could eat with your fingers because there are no tables and you can’t eat off a plate and with a knife and fork at a disco!” So we decided upon a sandwich. We then looked at some existing sandwiches to see what fillings they had in, how easy they were to hold and eat and how healthy they were. From this and our knowledge about what we had learnt in relation to healthy foods, we came up with a list of items that we could put in our sandwiches. We then designed our own sandwiches before making them, developing our cutting, spreading and assembling skills! At the end, we evaluated our sandwiches according to tase, texture and appearance. “My sandwich was tasty and yummy!” “It was very healthy because it had tomatoes and cucumber in it.” “I cut it in half so it was easy to eat.” “My sandwich was crunchy because of the cucumber!”