Kids Zone


Spelling Match

Match the words with the meanings.

Dance Mat Typing

Practise your typing skills with this great website.

Story Maker

It’s fun and easy to write amazing stories.

Deep Sea Phonics

A fun activity to help children at KS1 learn about phonics.

Scholastic Story Starter

Create your own story.

Damp Tent

Explore words that end with two consonants.


Hexafield Mission 2110

Can you cross the Hexafield?


Choose the right lane for your decimal.

Learn Your Tables

Practice your times table skills.


Match the decimal to the percentage to win.

Arcademics Jetski

Race against each other while practising addition facts.

Mushroom Bounce

Bounce your way to the end while learning to count.

Mega Mall

Help Peg & Cat shop at the mall.


Static Electricity

Balloons & Static Electricity.


Play the variation game and sort these Deadly 60 animals into the different groups, based on their characteristics.

Changes in Materials

The MI High team from CBBC join Bitesize to play a Science changes in materials game.

Switched on Kids

How to use Electricity safely.



Be a brave knight in a Tudor joust!

Design a Wig

Explore 18th Century women’s hairstyles.

Viking Quest

An epic tale of loot and legend

Mummy Maker

Help Kha, the Chief Embalmer to prepare Ramrose, the Officer of the King, for his funeral.

Horrible Histories: Awesome Women

From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria, Boudica to the Suffragettes.

The House Challenge

Great Fire of London

Learn all about the fire of 1666.

The Romans

Find out how Rome began, learn about different Roman emperors and discover what people in Rome did for fun.

Victorian Britain: Victorian Schools

What was a Victorian classroom like?