It’s Electrifying!

It was great coming back to school after our week off and we kicked it off with our WOW lesson on Electricity.

We had four investigations to complete:

  • Identifying symbols used to represent a bulb, buzzer, motor, cell (single), battery (2 cells), simple switch (open and closed), push switch and wires.
  • Creating a simple circuit with a bulb, 2 wires, a battery, a buzzer and a motor. 
  • Investigating insulators and conductors with sever objects: ruler, rubber, pencil, sharpener, scissors, mirror, paper clip, tinfoil and split pin. 
  • Creating a switch – we used a piece of card, 2 split pins and a paper clip and created our own off/on switch, where we added it to our simple circuits.

During our different investigations we realised that conductors of electricity (lets electricity pass through easily) were all made from metal materials. Amazingly, we quickly realised that the lead of the pencil would conduct electricity, which we thought was really cool! 

We can’t wait to find out what our other science lessons on Electricity has in store for us!

Watch this space…