Year 6 have taken their RE lesson outside this week. They have explored: What sort of things are we sorry for?  Why do we say sorry?  Why is it important to say sorry? 

What sort of things are we sorry for?

  • Breaking things on purpose or accidental
  • Hurting feelings
  • Falling out
  • Stealing
  • Being mean
  • Online bullying
  • Cheating in a test
  • Physically hurting someone
  • Making fun of someone
  • For someone’s loss
  • When you let someone down
  • When you are late for something
  • When you forget to do something
  • Making mistakes

Why do we say sorry?

  • For forgiveness
  • To fix your mistake
  • Make somebody feel better
  • Make yourself feel less guilty
  • To show you care about a person
  • To show you regret what you have done
  • To be polite
  • To show it was an accident
  • Acknowledge feelings
  • Show empathy

Why is it important to say sorry?

  • For healthy relationships
  • To make friends again
  • To make clear the air
  • To restore trust
  • To understand what we may have done wrong
  • It shows respect
  • To take responsibility for your actions
  • Shows you care

We also created a forgiveness scale and explored different scenarios.  The children placed themselves on the scale according to how challenging that scenario would be to forgive.