Icy Surprises!

This week the children in Holly Class had some icy surprises! The challenge was to get the objets out of the blocks of ice as quickly as possible but what would melt the ice the fastest? They used washing up liquid, sand paper, salt and warm water. We made our predictions and then set to work! We discovered that warm water melted the ice the quickest, correctly predicted by Hanasa, and sand paper and washing up liquid took the longest. The salt melted the ice almost as quickly as the warm water. Connor said, after predicting the salt would be the quickest, ” I knew it was fast but warm water was quicker because it’s warm”.

“The ice is wet because it’s melting” Kiera.

“When water is very cold it turns to ice” Lucas.

“The sun is warm and will melt ice” Mia

“The water in the tray is because the ice has melted” Rosalie.