Home Learning Week 2

Well done on another successful week of home learning Year 1! You have continued to learn lots of new things remotely, by logging onto Seesaw each day, watching Miss Kay’s and Mrs Webster’s videos and completing our set tasks. Our Year 1 children have adapted brilliantly, and lots of you have completed some brilliant pieces of work, keep it up!

This week we have been writing descriptive sentences about our book, ‘Lost and Found.’ We have thought about using the 5 senses to describe what the characters might be see, hear, feel, smell and taste using picture prompts from the story. We have also been writing questions to characters, using our question words, who, what, where, when, why and how. We have had some great examples of work from our Reading into Writing lessons, and we have really enjoyed reading your work!

In Art we have continued to look at our artist, ‘Henri Matisse,’ and explore his artwork and the collage technique. We have learnt lots about Matisse and how he liked to work, using lots of different shapes, lots of bright colours, and cutting shapes out of paper and laying them down on a big sheet of paper, rather than drawing shapes straight onto the paper. We have created a Matisse colour wheel, and this week we began to practise the style of collage to create a picture of our own choice!