Home Learning Wednesday 8th April

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Wake up and shake up! – Log on to seesaw or click here and warm up for the day with Just Dance.

Phonics – Log into seesaw or click here to rap along and practice these tricky words. Now play the rap again but do not look at the screen, have your adult pause after each word, can you spell each word in your busy book without help? Can you put each word into a sentence? You can either record your sentences on seesaw or write them in your busy book.

Writing- We learnt a lot about caring for our Earth last term, lets see what you can remember. Click here and watch the video to refresh your memory.

Log into seesaw and complete the activity about how to care for our planet, include whose job it is to care for our Earth, What we can do and what happens when we do not care for our Earth. Think about how it impacts on the animals.

Maths – Finding Half  Click here to learn about finding half (1/2) of a shape. Now log into your seesaw account and complete the activities. In your busy book can you draw your own shapes and colour in half? Maybe when you eat your lunch you could cut your food in 1/2.

Reading –Log in to oxford owls and read one of your books. Record yourself on seesaw telling us what you did or did not like about the book and why.

Parents you can log onto Oxford Owl and create an account – it is free. Then search for E books, and choose phonics level 2, 3 or 5 depending on you child. Your child’s phonics level is also in the letter information pack you received.

Chosen afternoon activity Choose your own activity from the list and complete it in your busy book. Feel free to send us any pictures on seesaw of your learning.