Home Learning Thursday 9th April

Good morning Year 5. Here is today’s home learning. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

All home learning is on Google Classroom. You all have log in details that are inside the front cover of your home learning book.

  1. Morning Maths– Please complete all questions in your home learning maths book. We will put the answers on Google Classroom tomorrow so that you can check your answers.
  2. Spelling – Complete the games related to silent sounds. Please spend at least 30 minutes playing the games.
  3. Maths– Please complete the short divisions in you home learning maths book. The questions and full instructions are on Google Classroom.
  4. Reading into Writing – Please continue to write character descriptions for both Mr. Tom and Willie using lots of descriptive language. Full instructions are on Google Classroom.
  5. Art – Paint or colour a rainbow and display in a window of your house – make someone smile.

And remember if you still have time, find somewhere quiet and curl up with your book. 

Tomorrow is Good Friday. We hope you all have a lovely Easter.