Home learning Thursday 2nd April

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Seesaw- Activity One- Get Moving

Watch the Youtube video and practice the dance moves. 

Answer the questions in your home learning book. Take a picture and upload to your account.

  1. Why does your heart rate start to increase when you exercise?
  2. What is happening to your body when you exercise?
  3. Why is it important to exercise?
  4. What forms of exercise do I enjoy? Why?

Activity two- I Wonder-opolis

Use the website linked on Seesaw to explore some new ideas. On the template provided, add three new things you remember, two things you thought were interesting and write one question you still have. Have a look at what your friends have discovered on their Seesaw account. Can you answer any of their questions? 

Activity three- Not a box

Watch the video. Make a list of all the ideas Rabbit had to make with his box. Which was your favourite idea? What piece of punctuation do you need in a list? Give the list a title, and remember about your presentation. Can you then create some of your own ideas. What will the box become? Where will the box take you? Will it make you happy or excited? Write a short story about your box and where it has taken you. Remember, you need to think about all of the story elements. Setting, character description, beginning, problem, solution, ending. 

There are some questions on Seesaw in regard to adding and GPS. Please complete these in your home learning, take a picture and add them t o you account so we can mark them and feedback to you. Keep up with your daily spellings and math shed activities. 

Thank you Miss W and Mrs M.