Home Learning Friday 24th April

Good morning Year 3!

Here is today’s home learning. Remember to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

You all have log in details that are inside the front cover of your home learning book or on the letter we sent out for your My Maths log in.

Don’t forget, there is a 9am live workout with Joe Wicks available each day, Monday to Friday, over on his YouTube channel!

  1. Maths – For this term, you are going to be completing your Maths learning on My Maths – your login details were sent out before we broke up. There are a range of activities that need to be completed daily, this week they will focus on multiplication division.
  2. Reading into Writing – We’re going to start our journey by looking at the Winnie the Witch Book ‘Winnie Goes Batty’ and, at the end of our journey, you’ll be writing your own story! Before that, there will be lots of activities to help you with your spelling, punctuation and grammar – you’ll also be looking at how to write a story that uses speech and investigating verbs too! You need to log into SeeSaw for all the instructions and the link to the video. You can complete the activity on SeeSaw or in your Home Learning Book – remember to send a picture of your work to us using our teacherbracken or teacherfern email addresses if you complete it in your Home Learning Book!
  3. Art – Today is the last day of your art journey. We would like you to complete your very own ‘Masterpiece’ based around Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Look on SeeSaw for some ideas and be creative. You can use a pencil, pencil crayons, felt tips, paint or even chalk. We can’t wait to see what you have produced. Have fun!

And remember if you still have time, find somewhere quiet and curl up with your book or choose an afternoon activity from the list in your Home Learning Pack!