Participation – the fact that you take part or become involved in something


It is important that we participate in everything we do at school. Taking part is very important because it shows that you are willing to give different things a go. It shows you are always willing to try, even if you make mistakes because we all have a growth mindset and understand that mistakes help us to learn.

Here are a few examples of how to participate given by Tyler:

  1. Listening to the teacher at all times
  2. Joining in with others – Teamwork
  3. Joining in with assemblies by singing or offering an answer to a question
  4. Exploring new things – being keen to learn and have a go!

“We must always participate when in school because it shows a willingness to work and we all have to work together. We saw a video of all the team working on a F1 car and they put the tyres on in under four seconds! That is very amazing and they did that through working together as one. Every single one of them participated!” Tyler

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