Friday 3rd April

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Good morning Year 3. Well done for all your hard work so far. Please keep it up!

Seesaw – Your first seesaw activity is to look at the picture and think about what you can see. What could it be? Use your imagination. Share your ideas with someone in your family. What do they think it could be a picture of? What reasons can you give for your answers? Your second activity is to design a new chocolate bar. You need to think about what makes you want to pick a chocolate bar. Think about the colours you would use, the name of your bar and what ingredients could go into it. How are you going to convince people to buy your chocolate bar? Your final activity is to go on a school trip! We are going to a farm for a trip out, how exciting?! You are going to learn lots of new facts and draw a picture of your favourite part – just like when we went to the zoo!

Spelling Shed – You have new activities to complete on spellings and maths – please spend at least 30 minutes on each of these! Let’s get Year 3 to the top of the leader board!!

Language Angels –  Please spend at least 30 minutes going through your French work – you all have a log in for this site.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend – keep reading, wash your hands and we will see you all on Monday morning!