Friday 27th March

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Good morning Year 3. Below you will find your 3 activities for today, which involve you getting creative!

Seesaw – The first one is all about recycling and reusing what you have around your home. It can be anything! Think about Art Day, when you created crabs and sharks out of plastic and cardboard. Look around and see what you can use. You might want to create something useful, like a pencil pot out of an old bottle. Ask an adult to help you with any cutting. Your second task is to watch the video and think about a design for your own flying machine. What materials would you use? Wood? Metal? Plastic? Draw a picture and describe each part. Your final task on Seesaw is to complete the fact families. We have all done this in class and this is a great opportunity to show what you know! Remember, when completing division problems, the biggest number is first!

Spelling Shed – Once you have completed your Seesaw tasks, you will find new spelling and maths tasks on Spelling Shed – Please spend 30 minutes on each.

Reading – Please write a book review on the book you have been reading. Who are the characters? What is the book about? Would you recommend the book to someone else? You can complete this in your workbooks, take a picture and send to your teacher on Seesaw!

What a fantastic week of activities we have had Year 3. We are looking forward to many more on Monday morning. We wish you a very safe weekend. Keep reading!