Friday 24th April

Today we are going to be practicing taking away.  Pick two number cards from your pack e.g. 8 and 4.  Remember when we are taking away we always start with the biggest number.  8 is more than 4 so we do 8 – 4.  If you need some help you might want to count out 8 objects, it could be anything from around your house like bricks, teddies or counter.  When you have counted out 8 your need to physically take away 4.  How many are left?  That’s right there are 4 left.  We have taken 4 away so the number is less.  Can you record your number sentences in you work book e.g. 8 – 4 = 4.  Remember to form your number correctly.  How many different number sentences can you write.  If your struggling watch the video below to help you.

Log on to Oxford Owl to read the pink banded book ‘Quiz’.  When you have read the book complete play activity 1 and play activity 2.  

Can you write your own clues for an animal?  Pick your favourite animal e.g. cheetah.

Write some sentences to describe it e.g. It has a long tail.  It can run fast.  His fur is spotty.  Can a member or you family guess your animal?  Send us a picture of your sentences to see if we can guess it.  When you have finished your could draw a picture of it and label it.  Follow the link for some ideas Don’t forget to use your sound mat and form your letters correctly.  We look forward to seeing your fantastic writing.