Forest School Fun with an Adult

Please make sure you work with an adult to complete this Beginner Challenge- Learn to peel a stick


Its time to get busy with a tool. Learn how to safely peel a stick with potato peeler.

You will need a potato peeler, gardening glove, freshly cut (green) wood and a grown up.

Let’s get peeling! Using a potato peeler as a means to introduce sharp edge tools it a great way to learn about the safe use. Although I is not the same as a knife, a potato peeler is used in the same manner and the same safety rules apply.

  • Find a safe space to work
  • Establish a safe usage distance from others (at least your arm’s length plus the tool you are using)
  • Remain stationary whilst using a tool.
  • Return the tool to a safe storage area after using
  • If you need a break put the tool somewhere safe until you come back.
  • Only hold the tool by the handle
  • Wear one gardening or anti cut glove on the hand that is holding the stick
  • Keep your hand naked (no glove) on the had holding the tool. This helps with grip.

Sit comfortably in a safe spot.

Hold the stick in the gloved hand, and hold it away from your legs and body.

Use the peeler in the dominant hand to peel away from the body and supporting hand to start removing strips of bark.

Keep reminding yourself and your helper to peel away from your body.

**Peelers are not designed to while sticks but peeling bark can be a very engaging activity and rewarding. I have made some beautiful wands and decorations peeling sticks.**