Fit 2 Go!

The adults from Fit 2 Go have visited us in Nursery for the past few weeks. This week we talked about the importance of having a balanced and healthy diet, and what can happen if we don’t. We firstly had to ‘brush our teeth,’ using a laminated set of teeth and a whiteboard pen, we had to draw the plaque onto our teeth, before cleaning it all off again! We had to make sure we went in between each tooth so that they were clean, shiny and bright! We then had two pictures of two very different teeth. One was a happy tooth, and we had to make sure we fed it healthy foods to keep it happy and healthy. The other picture was an unhappy tooth, who showed us what our teeth may be like if we choose to eat lots of sugary foods and don’t clean our teeth enough!  We then took part in some active exercise to finish off the session, working on our teamwork and balance skills!