Exploring Shape, Space & Measure!

We started off the week by exploring the question, ‘how big is my foot?’ We drew around each child’s foot and then used cubes to measure each one. We looked at how we could find out who had the biggest foot, and counted the cubes to find out! We have also investigated capacity this week. We used lots of different containers off all shapes and sizes with different amounts of objects in, talking about when they were full, nearly full, half full or empty! During WNRW last week we explored weight, weighing different bags of items and talking about which were heavier or lighter. We have continued to use weighing scales in different areas within Nursery this week, exploring what heavy and light feel like by using a selection of objects. By the end of the week we moved onto exploring shape. We made shape monsters using 2D shapes, and also created a shape obstacle course outside, travelling across and underneath objects to see if we could find a particular named shape at the end.