English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At Boundary Primary School we celebrate our multicultural diversity. Some of our children come from homes where English is spoken as a second language. The range of languages spoken includes Polish, Latvian, Chinese and Hungarian.


EAL (English as an Additional Language) Support

Enriching our school community
​ There are more than a million EAL learners in English schools and like many Manchester schools, our EAL pupils are in the majority.
Our aim at Boundary Primary is to welcome, value and support our EAL children and their families. All teaching staff are aware of the need to provide an education for all of the pupils in their classrooms and have an inclusive curriculum.We have created a welcoming environment and ethos that includes establishing strong links with parents/carers and their communities.  The home languages of our EAL pupils are valued.  We feel that having children who speak many different languages enriches our school community.


The Support That We Provide
Support is offered at a range of levels and individual needs are taken into account.  It is important to us that we support both children who are new to English and those who are more advanced EAL learners, but may need extra support to fully access the curriculum.

Depending on the level of need, pupils are offered weekly individual or small group lessons in speaking, listening, reading and writing and more advanced EAL learners are offered curriculum support tailored to their needs.

For pupils who are new to the UK, our team also carries out initial assessments to decide how best to support the children. Children and their families are introduced to the members of the team who will be supporting them.  The staff are both concerned about developing a child’s sense of well-being and developing the child’s acquisition of English.


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