Daily Phonics Session 18.5.2020

Video clip 1 focuses on blending sounds in words to read them.  Watch the video and participate when the teacher prompts you.  When you have finished the session practice blending some CVC words with the ‘ck’ sound e.g. chick, sick, lick.  Maybe you could draw a picture and label it.

Video clip 2 focus on the phase 3 diagraph ‘er’ like in hair.  First you will recap your known sounds and then practice reading and writing words using the diagraph ‘er’’.  When you have finished maybe you could write some or words in your work book e.g. rubber.  Don’t forget to put the sound buttons in the correct place.  If you want a challenge write some simple sentences with ‘er’ words in them e.g  I have a red rubber.  Draw a circle around the word that has the diagraph ’er’

Send us a picture of your phonics work.